Enjoy casually, with carefully selected wines and homemade dishes.


Bistro Roven is a Western-style bistro founded in 2013. The name "Roven" comes from the combination of "Ro" (short for "Roll Cabbage") and "Oven," which refers to baking the roll cabbage in an oven. The roll cabbage is a specialty that is incredibly tender, easily cut with chopsticks, and can only be enjoyed here. Not only the roll cabbage, but all the dishes are made with a commitment to "homemade" preparation. Our restaurant's fond de veau, which has been developed over many years, and the demi-glace sauce made from it, are rich sauces that divide opinions. We invite you to have a wonderful time with our wide selection of wines from around the world.


Currently, we have four locations in Tokyo, each with a different theme. Please enjoy the distinct atmosphere and interior design created for each of our restaurants.




Cabbage rolls with demi-glace sauce 


The tender roll cabbage is so soft that it can be cut with chopsticks. The special demi-glace sauce is made from a pure and rich fond de veau, which is simmered with ingredients for approximately 12 hours, double-strained, and further reduced. Please savor the deep flavor that captures the essence of the ingredients.


Over 40 carefully selected wines


We have approximately 40 varieties of wines carefully selected by our sommelier from various countries. We offer a wide range of wines from France, Italy, Spain, as well as the New World regions such as Argentina and Chile. Additionally, we have a selection of recommended wines available by the glass, which changes daily, allowing you to enjoy different labels each day.


Variety of dinner times


Unlike the lunch menu that allows you to enjoy the main dishes, during dinner time, we offer a variety of homemade appetizers. In addition to the course menu available for ordering on the day, we also offer original course menus for parties and gatherings.

Bistro Roven 三田 [Mita]

Kitchen Roven 八丁堀 [Hatchobori]

Bistro Roven 芝公園 [Shibakoen]

Bistro Roven 新宿 [Shinjuku]